Points Of Departure

The Patching Zone contributes with The Wilhelmina pier Experience Tour, an experience taking place in public space and online. The Wilhelmina pier in Rotterdam (NL) was the point of departure by the Holland-America Line for immigrants seeking their fortunes in the new world as well as refugees fleeing the continent until the Second World War.  Today the area is redeveloped with cultural institutes and state-of-the-art buildings. The aim of the project is to develop a working prototype that connects the past, present and the future of the pier in close collaboration with the local cultural institutes and our vocational school partner Zadkine. The Patching Zone will develop the Wilhelmina pier Experience Tour structure that hosts different components of the visitors’ journey on the pier and online.  A series of interactive installations that are integrated in the environment and the programs of the cultural institutes will support the experience. An important part of these installations will adapt methods of citizens journalism; broadcasting personal stories by young people from Canada and Europe on (time) traveling, migration and loss.