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One challenge that faces locative games is the short-lived experience: very little traces of individual participants are shared between the players. Translocal develops communication and publishing features to its game platform for Android phones called Cartoplay – combining cartography and gaming. Players can chat via text with each other, and publish a mini blog to the game website to their personal profile. All content, including images, comments and media clips are published on the web.

During the Live Transmission project, this software is demonstrated as a game called Arctic Fever, which is set in the context of rapid industrial expansion in the High North conflicting with cultural and ecological values. Site specific content is created through field work and a workshop in Northern Norway at the Arctic Ocean. An early version of the software is also used in a workshop during the Spring 2014 in Helsinki.

The software also includes a mobile game object editor that is used in workshops to develop content to particular locations. The software also enables utilizing sound only producing a less game like experience, a locative sound walk.